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Trick to resolve Moto 360 “Something went wrong. Try again?”

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Moto 360, one of the best looking smart watch in the market at the moment, however, up to date, it is only available for sale in the U.S. Fortunately, I’ve found out a way to get one from the States.

Unfortunately (or fortunatly), once I’ve got the watch, there was new firmware released to be upgraded. However, ….  after my moto 360 paired with my phone ( HTC One M8), it just stucked on the error screen saying that:  “Something went wrong. Try again?”. Seems to me it was trying to connect to the moto server to download the latest firmware. Due to the watch only relased to the US market, my guess is moto blocked all connects from anyway outside the US.

I’ve done lots and lots of researchs, but still couldn’t found out the way to let it work, until…… I’ve found that I try to use the Skype app on my mobile to make a phone call!!! As soon as I was trying to make the phone call, the watch started to download the new firmware. I’ve tried this trick on another moto360 and it is working as well. Seems to me it is not by luck ;) Give this a try if you are having the same issue. Alternative, you may like to try using some free VPN services and make sure you selected the US VPN server ( I’ve found people are using this: http://www.justfreevpn.com/ give it a try? It might work as well) But i think the Skype solution would be the easiset.

Hooray~ my moto360 is working now. Really love it! Attaching some photos to share with you guys and good luck with the firmware upgrade.

IMAG0669_result IMAG0665_result IMAG0640_result IMAG0638_result IMAG0645_result IMAG0644_result IMAG0593_result IMAG0596_result IMAG0594_result

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October 5th, 2014 at 3:49 pm